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    Anyone with a classic directly from T-Mobile, how is your battery life doing? Mine has been passable coming from an iPhone 6 Plus my expectations are somewhat biased.

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    05-18-15 02:15 PM
  2. domex's Avatar
    I will also like to know the answer , I'm thinking of getting one from Tmobile aswell.

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    05-18-15 02:23 PM
  3. leojzueg's Avatar
    T-Mobile BlackBerry Classic Battery Life-img_20150518_172936.png ClassicSQC100-4 1st heavy use work day with the Classic I got 9 hours before it died. It was the 1st time I didn't charge it til it completely drained the battery.
    T-Mobile BlackBerry Classic Battery Life-img_20150517_224405.png 1st off day light use lasted 12 hours I put on the charger when I went to bed. I got my Classic through T-MOBILE it is unlocked and unbranded no T-MOBILE branding on the Classic or the box.

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    05-19-15 12:23 AM
  4. leojzueg's Avatar
    One thing I would like to say about the Classic. It's going to sound strange. But it's just the way it's made. It feels big in the hands. Even though sisde by side it doesn't look much bigger than my Z10. It feels like a 2 handed device. But it's very light in the pocket. It's hard to feel the Classic in my pocket I forget which pocket it's in. Over all I love it.

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    05-19-15 12:33 AM
  5. SK122387's Avatar
    My battery life has been okay so far, thought obviously not as good as my Passport. I haven't had it die on me yet, but like when it gets down to the 80's I'll charge it if I'm in the car or around its wall charger.

    I like the Classic a lot so far.

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    05-19-15 01:14 AM

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