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    I finally got my classic and i couldn't be more please with it. i though it is a radical thing when I switch from my 9900. Anyhow, I have a question, I'm a soho guy and only one person. But, I have multiple computers and devices and some of them not BB. On my desktops (both PC and Mac's) I use Outlook. I also have a Mac mini. I like all of their address book and calender sync automatically. If I make one change on one device it will automatically be reflected on the other devices. I ONLY need the address book and calender sync. I don't need email sync as i've imap accounts. Is there any way to do it w/o an Exchange server? I was told Activesync will do it but how? I'm will to pay for it. Many thinks in advance!
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    06-13-15 05:26 AM
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    Go to Settings
    Add Account -> scroll to the bottom to "Advanced"
    Select Microsoft Exchange
    - add in server / user credentials

    When prompted, toggle Email "off"


    Good luck
    06-13-15 10:18 AM
  3. slam5's Avatar
    well, can you recommend a exchange for hire service? my regular email provider charges $ 10 per month. Or is this the going rate?

    many thanks in advance!
    06-13-15 11:42 AM
  4. martinjdub's Avatar
    Can't help you there

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    06-13-15 07:45 PM

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