1. tvas's Avatar
    I received the Classic last week after using Blackberry Bold for four years. very excited. However....

    I am told by Blackberry support that I cannot sync the Classic to Microsoft Outlook to my home desktop and work laptop without creating two calendars (which won't have the same information) and duplicating the contacts. I was able to sync to my two computers when I had the Blackberry Bold without any difficulty using Desktop Manager. Now Blackberry Link recognizes each computer separately and creates two different profiles, so I cannot sync all three devices with the same information. The person at Blackberry support told me about an app BB10Outlooksync.com that should be able to sync everything in Outlook on my two computers and the Classic. Has anyone tried this software, BB10outlooksync.com?

    It will cost $40 for this software to sync to my two computers. I am annoyed to have to spend this money after paying over $400 for the phone, especially when I could do the sync I want when I had the Bold. Another thing is, even if I had one computer, the Classic using Blackberry Link does not sync memo notes to Outlook. There is the Remember app on the Classic for note taking, but it won't sync with Outlook. I would have to use Evernote. Why use all these apps when all I use is in Outlook which has all my information.

    Blackberry is supposed to be geared to business folk, yet they made inconvenient and unfriendly user changes in the way the Classic now syncs with Outlook, which is what many business people still use. It doesn't make sense to me.

    Anyway, any thoughts, guidance or support will be greatly appreciated.

    03-11-15 01:38 PM
  2. RazzBerry's Avatar
    Have you read this? I found it searching Google.
    03-12-15 08:03 AM
  3. dag99's Avatar
    if you synch both calendars separately can't you "combine" them by selecting both in calendar setup which lets you display any combination of the two or three calendars? Same with email in the Hub. or do you actually want all three synched? in that case you may need to use ActiveSynch.
    03-12-15 07:54 PM
  4. tvas's Avatar
    thanks. i just have one calendar, but because Link recognizes two computers as two different profiles two calendars show up on the Classic and each calendar on the two computers will be different. i want the same calendar on the Classic and the two computers. i'll check out active sync and am researching bs10outlooksync
    03-15-15 01:33 AM
  5. Boattown Jim's Avatar
    Thanks for raising this issue! I HAD been planning a migration from 9360 Curve to the Classic.I was actually ready to pick up the Classic until I did a little research about issues with sync.

    My issue is different from yours but is sync related as well. I use my BB as a business tool. It is great for email with the physical keyboard, is an excellent phone with a good speaker phone and I like that size. Also, having access to my contacts - with detailed notes capability, Add in the BB Traffic application for turn by turn voice navigation and it is a power business tool on the road. The EOL announcement on BB Traffic....that is now gone.

    This gets me in the market for a new smartphone with a strong bias toward BB and the Classic in particular. I have been a BB user since since 2008. I want a business tool not a glorified toy the size of a shoe box that does not even have a keyboard. Classic is my choice. So I start the process of getting prepared for the migration to avoid any last minute glitches. I read here that there were problems with sync of contacts from Outlook - this is my method of doing business - so I contacted AT&T in advance for an update and they got me on the phone with BB as well. The BB rep was very good and he was honest. He told me about the inability of the Classic to bring over contact notes in a sync. He stated that BB is working on improving the Link sync with Outlook,,,,,but contacts would NOT include contact notes, The BB rep stated that this is an issue that they are working on but could not commit to when this would be completed. This is very problematic for me as I used contact notes extensively when I am on the road. The workaround we came up with had me carrying 2 BBs....the Classic and the Curve......using the Curve in essence like a PDA for my contact notes. I would have to keep desktop manager and take notes from the road that I collected on the Curve and put them into Outlook. The plan was in place and I was in the process of ordering the Classic. Then it hit me........why in the world would such an important business function as having sync include contact notes not be addressed in the Classic sync? And......isn't this the same BB that EOL'd BB Traffic....and only left BB Maps as a voice navigation option.....not even in the same league with BB Traffic functionally.

    For me it is not about the money.....it is about the functionality. I do not feel any urgency to get the Classic until they get sync to work the way I need it to work. I have a Garmin that I retired when BB Maps came out. It still works. I am really starting to wonder about BBs commitment to provide a business tool.

    If and when they get it together regarding doing a proper sync of ALL the information I need in the palm of my hand when I am on the road.

    Does anyone else out there have the same concerns?
    06-18-15 11:12 PM

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