1. punikaoase's Avatar
    When unlocking the phone (BB Classic) I get the following error message: Storage Full - Storage must be freed to perform the requested Text Message operation". (I don't know what text message operation it is referring to - I don't recall sending a text message. ) Here is the thing though, clicking the OK button does unfortunately not close the window. The button just goes from grey to blue. Effectively I am locked out of the phone. Rebooting doesn't help. Also, I can connect to the phone via BlackBerry Link, but it won't let me do a backup (Error message: "Backup did not complete - Verify that your device is turned on and connected to BlackBerry Link, and try again".)

    I'm ready to give up the phone, but I would love to recover the photos and contact details. Any advice what I can try?
    Thanks in advance for any pointers!
    11-18-18 04:39 PM
  2. Eugen Unson's Avatar
    Maybe there is something wrong when you unlock your phone..Do it again or ask help who authorize to unlock bb phones..

    Sent from my Secure BlackBerry Classic
    11-28-18 04:11 AM

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