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    Ive always have been a fan of spreadsheets. You can organize everything , and you know that you can migrate your data forever , no matter wich device or computer you have in future.
    I learned to like Classic but i still have some issues regarding Spreadsheets wich i know many have too.
    The spreadsheet on classic (i mean OS10) have some terrible lacks :
    - you cannot insert or remove lines, the only option is to select the area under where you want to insert , cut and paste one line under , wich is annoying if you have to do it many times
    - it is very difficult to see a cell content if it is very long, there are no option to see the entire content or another way to better see the content
    - you cannot insert another sheet inside the file
    All this functions were present on documents to go for OS7, now you can only see them on documents to go android version
    Ive tried the android version and its not so bad, you just have to be patient cause its a bit slow for many basic functions. Im really in doubt if would be better to migrate to android version.
    For now , ive tried to overcome this situations in many ways (and this are my tips) :

    - adding new content to my spreadsheets only after the last line and sorting it when i open it on my computer
    - whenever possible i edit my sheets using my lap, acessing the device using wifi wich i discover is a fast and reliable way to acess them inside the device (a lot faster than using blend for instance)

    And my questions are :
    - do you have any tip to improve spreadsheet editing ?
    - are somebody using the android version and happy with this choice ?
    - are somebody editing sheets in another device or simply using another similar app instead of spreadsheets ?
    03-05-16 04:45 PM

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