1. Cyril K's Avatar
    Hello, after upgrading to newest version of OS I have a problem, my Classic is switching my sound profile to default one (all sound on). So when i use eg. vibrate only, it will play sound and I see there is Normal profile. this happens very often... anybody has same problem? thank you and sorry for my bad english
    01-22-16 03:23 PM
  2. Susan Scherer's Avatar
    When screen is open, pull down the black screen and click on "Notifications". This will bring you to a screen that will enable you to reset your notifications to how you had them previously.

    Hope this helps.

    Posted via the CrackBerry App for Android
    01-22-16 07:57 PM
  3. Cyril K's Avatar
    thank you but this is not a solution, of course I have to switch it back every time... it is very annoying eg. during business meeting when I need silence and my phone suddenly make loud sound... this happens after upgrading to new OS version. I think this version brings only problems, I see no advantage and I want to downgrade, but don' t know if it is possible :/
    02-01-16 04:36 AM
  4. Cyril K's Avatar
    I think I figured it out - the profile is switched to default every time I make a call... Is this bug or feature? Anybody knows how to disable it? Thank you very much
    02-03-16 02:57 AM
  5. JCH760310's Avatar
    After clean install without restoring data when receiving the call with any profile, profile resets back to normal. Any solution or workaround for this issue?
    03-19-16 06:04 AM
  6. Cyril K's Avatar
    fixed - this was a bug in recording app called parrot... i had to uninstall it
    04-23-16 04:05 PM

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