1. plantdesigner's Avatar
    I was letting my daughter use my blackberry classic to watch a video when she gave it back to me there was no sound coming from the speakers I have asked was to do about this I have ran a reset and ran the blackberry virtual expert when I run the sound test and it says audio is playing nothing comes from the speakers the receiver audio is working fine I have gone through all the setting that I know about to look at for audio and am not sure what else to do

    thanks for your help
    02-28-17 10:24 PM
  2. ronfc's Avatar
    Looks like a hardware issue. There must be something that got loose inside. It happened once on my Z10. I had to push down the area near the speaker for it to work again. You can do that too, but I suggest to see a technician since what I did is only a workaround; if something is loose inside, sooner or later the problem's gonna come back again.
    03-01-17 07:42 AM

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