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    I'd say I'm about 90% pleased with the classic. I just wish they would implement some of the functionality from OS7 into OS10. I have a Blackberry Pearl and a Bold 9700, both of which I can operate faster than the classic. There are a few new features on the classic I do like, I just kind of wish it would give you more customization options. Why can I not create a quick launch to jump into visual voice mail? Why is visual voice mail in the hub clean and easy to use and the one in the phone launcher a jumbled mess? Why can I not make the one in the phone launcher use the hub VVM? Just a few tweaks here and there would make a huge difference in my opinion. I wish I could just put the top 5 apps I use on the bottom screen, and I wish we had a tab for VVM the way we did in IOS 7. Tell me what sense it makes to have a huge hub icon, then a tiny hub icon (which can also be pressed) next to each other? I do not need the camera on my home screen, what a stupid feature. If someone made an app that forced IOS 10 to behave like IOS 7 I would buy it in a second, regardless of price. I would much rather have a no frills operating system that ran at the speed of light than a bunch of fancy graphics. I prefer function over form, if I wanted to be wowed with graphics I would buy an Android or an Iphone.
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    05-03-15 01:01 PM
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