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    I searched the forum but couldn't find similar posts.
    Am I crazy? I have 2 Classics, 3 email accounts (gmail, yahoo, and activesync) and they all behave the same way. I do not have any issue with notifications. The alerts come quickly as they do on my iPhone 6 and my Note Edge. However, on the Classics, it takes 5 seconds or more to retrieve the content of an email. The spinning circle goes and goes. It doesn't matter what type of emails, html, plain text. These same emails pop up on my 9930 and Q10 instantly. Of course, the 9930 still uses BES. Thanks for any pointer.
    03-09-15 09:17 AM
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    It can happen in the first day or so if your phone is doing a ton of syncing and then indexing. I had this happen when I set up my classic with a sync Forever setting on a mailbox with tons of email. I reset the account with 30 Days which made everything work fine.

    When I have time to risk blowing up my install I will re-try sync forever which works on my Q and Passport. It should be fine just can't do it on a work day.

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    03-09-15 10:54 PM
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    Thanks a lot.
    03-10-15 08:33 PM

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