1. hhorac's Avatar
    Hi guys,‎

    Still having no luck in finding a decent vertical pouch/sleeve/case for the Classic to rest in my pocket..

    Must haves:
    1) magnet for locking the device
    2) thin/slim/unobtrusive profile (the original BlackBerry being way too thick/bulky for my taste)
    3) bottom (vent)hole for the speaker (on the right side) + charger (i.e. listening/charging when inserted)
    4) access to volume up/down, mute keys

    5) allow for easy removing/inserting of the phone
    6) not blocking the LED indicator (though I can pierce the hole myself if need be
    7) possibly leather (not necessary)

    ‎There used to be plenty of these for older devices (e.g. from Sena, beyzacases etc.) -- am I asking too much? (Almost thinking of trying to make one by myself;o)

    Please, has someone found anything proper that would meet the above criteria?

    Many thanks for your time, folks!‎


    03-02-15 10:35 AM
  2. BBGary's Avatar
    Sounds like you've tried a lot of other accessories and know what you're talking about.
    I did not see something like this yet, but may be my own setup would interest you.
    I am using Blend heavily at work since Gmail and some other things are blocked. For that I just purchased the OEM charging/sync pod which looks nice( I will post a pic). To carry the phone in my pocket I use OEM pouch.
    The GOOD
    1. It does not add bulk
    2. It is leather and looks great
    3. It has access to volume controls
    4. Does not block the notifications light

    The bad
    1. Does not have access to charging port, but for that I use the charging pod.
    2. Does not provide protection for all the sides of the device - top side open.

    I tried flip cases with other devices and they are not good when typing. I liked OEM holsters, but after breaking one in tide space, stopped using these.
    I wish you Good Luck in finding that perfect case and when you'll succeed, please post it here...

    Posted via CB10
    03-02-15 10:50 AM
  3. BBGary's Avatar
    here comes the pictureSlim vertical pouch/case/sleeve for Classic incl. magnet-img_20150302_120228.jpg
    03-02-15 11:35 AM
  4. hhorac's Avatar
    Thanks, BBGary! I love the Blend solution too; (was thinking about the charging cradle as well, to place on the bedside table, thank you for reminding me of its existence again)..
    The thing with the OEM case is that I still find it unnecessarily robust and heavy compared with the overall dimensions/weight of the device and my most-of-the-time-in-the-pocket way of carrying the phone..
    Nevertheless, many thanks for your time and answer!
    03-02-15 12:29 PM
  5. BBGary's Avatar
    I have purchased the OEM soft shell but haven't tried it yet
    03-02-15 12:58 PM

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