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    I have had a Q10, Z30, Passport and a Classic and I found they all have their own unique features. I recently bought a classic that I ended up trading even for a red passport which I couldn't refuse.

    But, I found myself missing the forum factor of the classic compared to the passport. So, I decided to pull my old Q10 out of the drawer and install the latest leak on the device and give it another chance at life.

    After using the device as my daily driver the past few days, I find that I am starting to like my Q10 again. Yes the screen is smaller and so are the keys, but the device feels great in my hand and as far as I am concerned my Android apps run just as well on the Q10 as they did on the classic.

    As a matter of fact, I restored my classic backup to the Q10 after I installed the leak and haven't had one issue and that was last Saturday when I switched over from the red passport.

    So far besides the occasional double typing issue, I think the 10.3.1 leak has saved my Q10 from being traded off or being sold in the future, for now it's sitting and my desk next to my iMac and connected to blend waiting for me to start typing out another email or text message.

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    I am blackberry fan and used 8700, 9000, 9900. When Mr Heins introduced BB10 and moved to Z10 and Z30 caused I was impressed by VKB. Z30 actually is awesome phone. But I felt I missed something with blackberry. Then I found that I miss PKB. Last weekend, I decided to buy Q10 but at the shop where I had chance to test classic, I was interested in classic form. I changed my mind and decided to buy Classic. Immediately I get the feelings that I had with 9900 or BBOS. Until now I think it a good decision. Bigger screen and LCD is better than Q10 and 10.3.1 version is perfect to my needs. Now Classic support my business verry well. It will my main phone and I will try to get Q10 as backup phone. I love PkB.

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    01-21-15 05:59 AM
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