1. Leslie Armitage's Avatar
    Simple question: m4a music files - howto?

    Hi there,

    How does one play m4a files on BB classic running

    Thanks in anticipation
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    06-28-15 01:24 AM
  2. Buddha Piece's Avatar
    Not on that version of OS, but I play M4A files fine with the stock music player. Only thing I can't do is change its album art through ID3iot.
    06-28-15 09:41 AM
  3. nashama's Avatar
    I copied the famous "spirit.m4a" BlackBerry tone and saved it on the SD card inside the Classic.

    This can then be selected as the ringtone to be played through the "Notification" settings.

    I did not find any native "***.m4a" ringtone on my Classic. Neither did i found on my previous Q10. So I did the same.

    You can get the legacy ringtones from this forum itself. Search.
    06-28-15 01:03 PM

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