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    So, back in January I got the classic from Digital River. I had to return it due to a significant gap on left side between screen and tool belt. Also keyboard light bleed was horrendous. Got screwed on return shipping and customs charges!

    I just got a new Classic from Bell and gap not there (great), light bleed much less (also great), but my 'a' and 'backspace' keys was stiff and didn't give the feedback as the other keys. I say was because it has gotten better, but in no way perfect. I suppose I could live with it.

    On this new Classic I also observe a paint chip at the top of the space bar key where it meets the top fret (see below photo), minor but another flaw I get to live with. Some other keys also have if you look hard, but nothing to worry about unless this is some wear that will get worse over time. You can also see the white in daylight even when backlight off, just less pronounced.
    Should I swap devices?-img_8799.jpg

    I purchase the phone sealed in box from someone who got the phone from work as gift and sold. He has gotten another one and if I agree to exchange I'm afraid to get worse one (given my first purchase experience) and can't necessarily open and say no thanks...lol

    Does anyone else observe this feeling with any keys or the paint chipping? Againt, the keys press and operate normally, just not a click like the others. Really the whole columns of keys at the sides of the phone generally feel stiffer, so I think it has something to do with how it's connected on keyboard sides...I'm thinking I'll take the chance and hope I get the perfect Classic I can baby and live with for years to come!

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    02-16-15 09:34 AM
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    My Classic has a severe gap between the screen and the toolbelt, but I didn't send it back because I was afraid I may end up with something worse (like a bad keyboard). Sorry to hear that it happened to you. I think you should go ahead and try a swap. It is unlikely that you could do much worse (IMO, even if you end up with some light bleed again, it is still better than having a bad keyboard, which is one of Classic's strengths)!
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    02-16-15 10:02 AM
  3. anon(3630135)'s Avatar
    Thx, think I will! I bet in another month or two and the Classics are manufactured perfectly!

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    02-16-15 10:33 AM
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    They should be manufactured perfectly right now.

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    02-16-15 01:29 PM

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