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    Hello all,

    Im looking to get a Classic for a family member who is coming from a Bold, but has never used BB10. They live in a different part of the country so Im looking into any possible remote assistance and screen sharing solutions. I have read threads on loading Google Play, but I have not found a conclusive answer to if Teamviewer QuickSupport works on a Classic - or on BB10 in general. If not are there any other options? Im looking to share the Classics screen and control the interface from a PC. Im not too experienced with BB10 myself, so guiding them through unseen menus over the phone will be hard. This will be on a Verizon variant if that is at all helpful. I think it will be the SQC100-3, not the -5. Grateful for any advice. Thank you.
    10-08-15 05:11 PM

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