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    I am a formal blkbrry user and have been using a S3 ever since. i am about [____________] that close to buying a Classic but i have concerns.

    On a normal basis , my phone use consist of:
    Fantasy Football

    While i am confident the emails and text will not be a problem, my concern are the other apps. I have read a ton of reviews on this site about android apps running slow, does this include Mssgrs, Fb, Instagram , Fantasy football? The one thing that use to **** me off about my torch was the lack of notifications being pushed to me. it would sometimes take a entire day for a app to notify me of activity.

    I literally use my phone 90% of the time on those items listed above, in your personal opinion would the classic be the phone i am looking for? i am jonsin for that keyboard.

    I understand there's a Facts and Questions Thread for these sort of things, however i think its important for other S3 users have a thread to be directed to.
    12-25-14 07:48 AM
  2. slagman5's Avatar
    Hm, well, FB is an app built by BB, although it might be missing a few features from the Android version, but it's always been enough for me so I've always just used that. It's integrated into the hub, which is our central messaging system. Never used messenger because all of our notifications including PM conversations with other members go straight to the hub.

    I use the Android version of Instagram and it runs great. Previous OS in the devices before the Classic Android apps ran slow, but the OS that comes with the Classic is vastly improved. I'm sure they load quicker on Androids, but they do run really well now.

    I have no idea about fantasy football, if they use google services, then there might be an issue, but if not I don't see why it would work like the other Android apps I use on this phone.

    The only time the Android apps really take a long time is on the very first time you load one after you first turn on your phone. I mean from when the phone is OFF, not standby. Most of us keep our phones on pretty much indefinitely, so basically you just go through that android runtime loading once until the next time you may have to reboot the phone for whatever reason which isn't often at all...

    Just keep in mind, the Classic is not really meant to be a "high end" phone. It runs smooth and works well, but the internal specs are actually literally identical to your Galaxy S3... I think it uses the same Snapdragon S4 processor and everything, lol.

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    12-25-14 09:41 AM
  3. slagman5's Avatar
    Your usage is pretty much the same as me, minus the fantasy football part and I am really liking the phone so far.

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    12-25-14 09:42 AM
  4. blkbrd671's Avatar
    Thanks a bunch bud, really appreciate it. Football seasons over so if FF app doesn't work, it won't bother me until 6 months. At that point the stock markets goign to turn up, and i'll have millions and not worry. =p
    12-25-14 06:23 PM

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