02-01-16 03:40 AM
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    Hi! i faced this problem too, now i am using my iphone 6 back. I was using iphone 5 previously, but when BB announced Classic i felt in love with))) after using it i clearly understood that BBOS10 is dying... the lack of apps is annoying, and i felt like it was with my bold 9000, every time i needed to solve some issues to have access to internet etc. (The problem with internet due to BB is not officially presented in my country). Some strange problems with android apps, they are not cleary installed or what, something is strange.But inside i want to switch back to my Classic... Previously i watched a video, where one man was showing Passport SE running android... Does anybody heard about it? Or may be it is possible to install android on Classic? Otherwise i will be waiting for mix between Classic and Priv
    02-01-16 03:40 AM
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