1. blackshark's Avatar
    I had a calendar event about 20 days out (on the 31st of the month) and couldn't remember what it was, but that microscopic orange dot had my attention so I hit that date to have a look. Well the calendar took off. The the screen flashed different dates and months, about 3 a second on the screen, counting backwards until it finally stopped in 2015. I felt like Rod Taylor there for a moment, reclining in his blinking art deco lazyboy.
    I thought perhaps it was a "big finger" problem so I shut the app down and then tried it again but with the trackpad. Same issue.
    After trying one more time (because constantly bashing my head against the Blackberry Brick wall always bring the sweat release of unconsciousness) but this time, I looked at events only a few days out and that worked fine.
    I finally had to reset the phone (both volume buttons until reset) and now it seems correct.
    Whats going on here?
    10-22-16 09:29 AM
  2. meattray's Avatar
    I feel like you need to run an autoloader and starting fresh. Either that or you got a bum unit. You've had more issues with your device than the rest of crackberry.
    10-22-16 12:46 PM
  3. blackshark's Avatar
    I agree. But that brings up an underlying problem that always makes me look for other solutions first. Linking this unit to my PC is hit and miss - usually a miss. For a while I thought it was the old BB drivers for the pre Link software but I finally found all of those insidious things and trashed them.
    But even my provider says "ya, that software really doesn't work". So when it's hard enough to just back up the phone, the thought of running a wipe and reload scares me. Much of the time during a back up the unit unhooks itself from the machine and the back up fails. I'd hate to think what it would do on an OS install.
    When I used to do backups regularly, I would have to use WiFi but even that's not working now (ironically the PC will see the phone on the USB port but says it can't back up without the WiFi turned on). To be clear, the WiFi on the phone does work, it's just the Link software won't let me back up because it thinks the wifi is off. I can see the phone as a drive and I can manually pull files off, but backing up has become problematic.
    And yes I've tried another PC.
    And this is my second Classic so that would be a pretty high percentage for two lemons in a row. I can't say for sure if the first one had all the other problems I've been listing because it was still so new then, and it only lasted a week or so before the keyboard failed - couldn't type H's or N's. But I had to live with that for two months while I was away.
    It's also possible that when they sent me a "new" one under warranty it was just a refurb - they have sworn up and down it was new (and it still had that new phone smell) but one never knows.
    10-22-16 01:20 PM

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