1. Rick-TJR's Avatar
    Hi everyone, I'm starting to really like the Classic. I'm just wondering if anyone has noticed the audio seems low on the ringtone and notification sounds when compare to the 9900, Q10 and Q5. The audio for youtube and music on mp3 with the speaker seem good. Just seems low for ringtones and notifications sounds. Anyone else feel the same? I think this might (at least I hope) be software related versus hardware, but just want to make sure it isn't just mine so I can send it back in time if it is a problem. Otherwise, the Classic is a very nice phone and I'm liking it over the Q10, Q5 and Passport. Just wish Tmobile would give us wifi calling but that is another topic. Thanks all.

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    12-26-14 12:25 PM
  2. anon(9208252)'s Avatar
    have you tried going into notifications and changing to the override default volume.
    12-26-14 12:44 PM
  3. Rick-TJR's Avatar
    Yes. Thanks for the reply. It is the same as I have Maxed out for everything but no difference.

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    12-26-14 12:50 PM
  4. slagman5's Avatar
    Yes, the notifications are much lower in volume than before. No doubt about that. And yes, everything is maxed out in the settings.

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    12-26-14 02:10 PM
  5. Rick-TJR's Avatar
    Thanks Slagman5, I knew I could count on you to verify this for me. I hope they fix this in an update because it is really low and sounds like a medium setting when compared to my other phones. Ok then, I'll hold on to this as it appears to be working fine, at least hardware wise.

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    12-26-14 02:15 PM
  6. SCV Camera's Avatar
    I too am having low volume issues with the Classic. I missed some text messages and slept through phone calls. I am returning to my passport until this problem is fixed by BlackBerry. If they don't fix it soon, then this Classic will be listed on E-Bay
    12-31-14 10:29 AM
  7. fkornre's Avatar
    Very interesting to hear this. 10.3.1 has really muffled/lowered the volume for notifications on my Q10. Funny to hear the Classic is suffering the same issue and it was designed for the newer OS.
    12-31-14 11:02 AM
  8. InfinityBob's Avatar
    Yes I can attest to this with my Q10 on It even affects the Alarm which is VERY dangerous!!! Come on BlackBerry sort it out. / STA100-2
    12-31-14 11:39 AM
  9. Katnis's Avatar
    Got my Classic as a Christmas present and I too couldn't understand why the volume was so low. Luckily i also use a Pebble smart watch so i get notifications but they should fix the sound.
    12-31-14 12:27 PM
  10. Rick-TJR's Avatar
    Thanks everyone for your input. I was getting worried when I first setup the Classic and noticed this. Music playing and stuff off Youtube sounds pretty good in volume. Not as loud as my Q10 on 10.2.1 and definitely not as loud as the Passport. But notification and ringtone volume is low. I hope they fix this soon. Now I have vibration set for everything coming in so if I miss hearing, hopefully I will feel it.

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    12-31-14 02:07 PM
  11. Taigatrommel's Avatar
    I hope BlackBerry fixes this in time, especially for the official OTA release for existing devices. Wouldn't want that kind of trouble on my Passport or Q10.

    Posted via CB10
    12-31-14 05:34 PM

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