04-15-16 10:49 PM
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    Link to how to run Kakao headless? Not in the hub right?..

    I love IMO the quality has became double as good in the last three updates! Works well with the passport se to as do not need to keep it open, etc....

    Been begging IMO to pick up the slack and add a bar file for imo as they could gain millions of users, they said they are lookibg into it.

    For anybody who dunno, there is yet another whatsapp update coming, you can get in now in blackberry beta zone...

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    I used Cobalt's method: http://forums.crackberry.com/showthread.php?t=985344

    and installed Kakao from the Google Play Store. Straight up, latest Android ver. 5.5.5. Works great with the current android runtime.

    When I said headless, I meant getting notifications w/o having the app opened or ran in the background. Unfortunately, hub isn't smart enough to display the actual message. But it does show who the sender was.

    It's not 100% consistent either. On iOS and android, messages get delivered instantaneously. And I thought so too on my Classic, but there was this one time where I wasn't getting any notifications. So maybe 90%?

    If my life (or someone else's) depended on Kakao, I would think twice about a Blackberry (unless leaving Kakao opened/ran in background doesn't bother you).

    I do think BBOS10 matured well.. just a few years late.

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    04-15-16 10:49 PM
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