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    I'd been toying with the idea of getting a Classic for some time, and recently picked up what seems a very good condition used one. All seemed fine until I went to put in an SD card and found it not being recognised. Some inspection with my Q10 camera eventually showed that there were only 4 pins in the card reader slot. :/

    I suspect that this phone may have been going backwards and forwards to Amazon, as successive buyers find the fault and send it back. As it's not easy for me to get out to return it, I thought it worth having a go at replacing the reader. A replacement reader was obtained cheaply from China.

    I've watched a couple of phone strip down videos, but neither of them gave a close look at the SD reader attachment, so, before I get down to it, I wondered if anyone has any advice on how they are connected. My previous BBs have all been easy to take apart, but, as this one seems to be largely held together with double sided tape, it's not easy to get a look at the part before a complete strip down.

    Other than that, it looks a great improvement on my Q10, and seems to be faster too.

    01-31-17 06:13 PM

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