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    how did this topic go from "optionally turn off gestures" to "gestures are the worst thing ever?"... because gestures are handy and useful, except when they're not... which is in certain contexts and among certain user constituencies.

    And for the trizillionth time, BB10 is optimised for touchscreen gestures AND enabled for trackpad and mouse and keyboard (with a bit of tweaking for Q20 for it to be as optimised as it is for touchscreen) so enough of the BB10 is optimised for gestures because that's a half truth that will soon be untrue because BB10 will be "optimized" for more than one thing which means it's not optimized for either thing... they will both work equally well, and switching between touchscreen and trackpad / keyboard will be seamless like it was on the Torch.

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    04-20-14 12:03 AM
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    The back button and the BlackBerry button are not needed if you spend a short time with the gestures as the only option...and understand their purpose. Both of these functions have been mimicked by a gesture. Having a button for these features is as redundant as a home button with the same functionality. Or ICONS that have the same purpose.
    Yes, but there is a difference in how efficient these inputs are depending on your situation.

    People who are not used to the controls, or who have both hands free, or who have the phone on a table making the toolbelt awkward, may find it easier to poke or drag their finger around on the screen.

    Power users who want to navigate the phone as fast as possible, while holding it in one hand, are going to want trackpad and menu, back, and home buttons.

    Luring users in with both, then removing either means of input because "it's redundant" would display an ignorance of the value of options. And it would just spark another round of customer outrage that led to lost sales and the development of the Q20 in the first place...
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    04-20-14 09:36 PM
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    Gestures have nothing to do with acceptance of BB10. iOS and Android are adding more gestures. Does that mean that they will tank too?
    But of course. It could not be anything else. Get rid of gestures. Get rid of touchscreens. Get rid of it all. We should go back to rows of icons and options, and a track wheel, where you have to scroll through each icon and option to get to the one you need. Presto and you're done!

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    04-21-14 10:49 AM
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    Yup a full gesture base with no marketing showing what BlackBerry gestures are and what they do, really sells phones. A potential customer picks up a BB10 can't figure out how to use it, puts it down then starts playing with an iPhone or Android and can operate it ,then buys one . Scenario #2 a current BlackBerry user wanting to upgrade picks up a bb10 can't figure out how to use it, tries an iPhone can operate it, buys it. Scenario #3 a current BlackBerry user picks up a Q20 can operate it, compares it to an iPhone, decides to stay with a KB. #4 someone who has never used a BlackBerry but likes the idea of a KB tries a Q20 can operate it without help, buys it. All scenarios based on sales people not interested in helping someone who is interested in BlackBerry phones. Without lots of effective marketing BlackBerries gestures might as well be a gesture lock on every demo phone and customers who buy them without learning the gestures first end up returning them in mass which is what happened when bb10 came out. Q20 works for hard core BlackBerry key boarders and a first timer who just wants to send messages and use the occasional app.

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    04-21-14 12:30 PM
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    When the first boxed cake mixes were put onto the market, they were "just add water". The consumers didn't respond well to them.

    Then the recipe was changed to "Add water, and two eggs". That made it more like "cooking" which was a more satisfying experience for the "chef".

    This is what not having a home button is like for lots of people: it's not to say that they can't get to a point where they're able to use gestures comfortably, but without the hard buttons as "training wheels" (and the ability to turn off gestures if they're causing problems) the most important problem that won't be solved is "BlackBerry not selling devices".

    If putting the Belt on the devices and providing a backward-compatible way to incorporate a "turn off touchscreen" option into BB10 sells more devices, it's an absolute win, despite any statements to the contrary.
    04-21-14 01:39 PM
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    When I handed my Q10 to an iphone user the other day, they immediately started swiping up. When they got the home screen they started swiping left and right and tapping on apps. It's not hard.

    If you hand someone a bold they'll immediately start using the trackpad or if they're in the middle of an app the red button is a no brainer. Learning the phones isn't the hard part, BlackBerry offering options to it's users is.
    04-21-14 05:14 PM
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