09-22-14 09:25 PM
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  1. beckzyboi's Avatar
    Title says it all

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    07-17-14 01:07 PM
  2. goku_vegeta's Avatar
    Removable for a variety of different reasons.

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    07-17-14 01:09 PM
  3. goUSAFblue's Avatar
    Please let it be removable

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    07-17-14 01:13 PM
  4. beckzyboi's Avatar
    I sincerely hope it is removable. I love to carry a spare battery around with me. If it's non-removable I will definitely be sticking with my Q10.

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    07-17-14 01:16 PM
  5. beckzyboi's Avatar
    I might stick with my Q10 anyway depending on the specs of the classic, but if the classic has a non-removable battery I will definitely be sticking with my Q10.

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    07-17-14 01:25 PM
  6. BBRYQ10's Avatar
    Yes, a removable battery is important these days. Especially with the new travel restrictions making it imperative that you can power-on all electronic devices.

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    07-17-14 06:24 PM
  7. VR6's Avatar
    What kind of a "classic" would it be without the battery pull!?!
    07-17-14 06:45 PM
  8. vinniesworld's Avatar
    Removable. I think personally non removable batteries is going a tad backwards. I always carry a charging station around in my kit back to either plug in when I find a point or charge a spare on the go. Some days I can go a full day on the battery but other days are more busier than others and I love the fact that rather than sweat trying to find a power point I can just power down and swap the batteries over.
    Non removable doesn't do it for me.
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    07-17-14 06:49 PM
  9. LVampa's Avatar

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    07-17-14 10:09 PM
  10. anon8091350's Avatar
    removable battery, if not could be a deal breaker.
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    07-18-14 02:17 AM
  11. Jrox74's Avatar
    I feel a removable battery is best as why should a dead battery dictate having to purchase a new phone. Having a removable battery gives you many more options than a non-removable. Just my opinion... Rocking 24-7 with my Z10 & 64GB PlayBook
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    07-18-14 03:13 AM
  12. Mr2KiEu's Avatar
    I used to prefer removable battery until I started using the Z30.
    07-18-14 03:34 AM
  13. idssteve's Avatar
    Real tools have swappable battery packs. I wouldn't consider climbing onto a roof without a spare batt-pack for my Dewalt power tools. Why would I consider showing up for work without a spare phone battery in my pocket?

    My phone is NOT a toy. I don't enjoy the distractions it provides. I resent any and all distractions from it. Seeking a wall wart to tether myself to is an unwelcome distraction. A potentially expensive distraction. SOME of us have WORK to do.

    The Z30's endurance is still far short of the 5+ day endurance of my old Kyocera, 10+ yrs ago. The spare batt in my pocket has proven invaluable TOO many times. Human nature is to devote attention to productive priorities, until the device shuts down.
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    07-18-14 07:09 AM
  14. wilber1's Avatar
    I am hoping for a removable battery never had a BB without one .
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    07-18-14 07:40 AM
  15. wyleybuster's Avatar
    always have a charged spare with me, so definitely removable.
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    07-18-14 08:17 AM
  16. Anatomy's Avatar
    I'm crossing my fingers for removable battery, but the photos of the back of the device and reality of the most recent BlackBerry models makes me think we are out of luck
    07-18-14 08:44 AM
  17. Jimberry Storm's Avatar
    After using the Z30 I could care less if they ever have another removable battery. Before that I was way, way ,way on the other side of the fence.
    07-18-14 09:01 AM
  18. WorkStation 0's Avatar
    Non removable.

    Higher capacity, sleeker device.

    If i couldn't get through to the next day on a charge I would buy a better phone. It's 2014, 8 hours on a charge is 2011.
    LG G flex, Note 2
    07-18-14 09:17 AM
  19. KDB84's Avatar
    Removable all the way! I couldn't care less if it was 'sleeker' for the sake of 1-2mm thickness. I need to be able to swap batteries on the go, and worst-case, you can replace bad batteries without hassle. Function over form (to a point) people.
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    07-18-14 09:56 AM
  20. BrizzadMan's Avatar
    I doubt it will be removable. Looking at the Z30, Z3, and Passport - I believe non removable will be their path going forward for all devices.

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    07-18-14 12:47 PM
  21. BBRYQ10's Avatar
    It appears from the most recent video that there not be a removable battery for the Passport. It will be just like the Z30.

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    07-18-14 02:40 PM
  22. so crow's Avatar
    I don't really mind either way is fine.

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    07-18-14 02:53 PM
  23. beckzyboi's Avatar
    Unfortunately I think it will be a non-removable battery for the classic. If this is the case I will definitely be sticking with my Q10.

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    07-19-14 08:11 AM
  24. idssteve's Avatar
    Unfortunately I think it will be a non-removable battery for the classic. If this is the case I will definitely be sticking with my Q10.

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    Sad to say, you might be right. A couple guys in my office seem to suspect the Z30's "fixed" back might have more to do with antenna configuration and satisfying FCC than anything to do with the battery itself. ?? IDK, its been way too many years since my HAM days but those guys are pretty smart. ?? FWIW.
    07-19-14 03:09 PM
  25. Anatomy's Avatar
    Wireless charging would make it up to me
    07-20-14 01:18 AM
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