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    Hi all.
    owned a Q10 for a good year or so. Destroyed in accidentally. Got a iPhone 5. Missing the hub, the physically keyboard, the color led....
    I would like to get an bb classic. There are two options.
    A) Could buy a brand new one for 320 or
    B) a used one which would be in mint condition, from a retailer, with full warranty, paying about 220.
    Assuming the used one is already in use from day one. Here in Germany it would be from December 2014. This means for about 9 months.

    My question now to you guys for those ones who bought the classic at release:
    How is the degrade of the battery after 9 months of usage?
    Would you rather buy a brand new one or save the 100 a get the used one? Would it be noticeable the 9 months of usage in terms of battery degrade?

    thanks in advance for your comments.
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    Since you are a fellow German I feel obliged to answer.

    I have mine now for a couple of months (would have to check on Amazon when I bought it). Battery life is just perfect and lasts probably for 2 days on moderate to heavy use. The battery does not show any wear and tear. I so far bought every BB10 device and with regard to battery life the Classic comes in 2nd. The order:

    Passport, Classic, Z30, Q10. I can not comment on Q5 as this was a gift for my sister. And I was wrong: didn't buy the Leap. Useless since the Z30 is better and I heard also cheaper.

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