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    I have had a Z10 for a couple of years then stumbled into a chance to pick up a classic. The Z10 was my first BlackBerry and I wasn't sure the classic would be my daily driver so I used two devices for the last two weeks. I'm pretty sure that the classic now rules the roost what is the best way to transfer all of the content from the Z10 while keeping the small amount of content I have on the classic? BlackBerry suggests link or the content transfer app but these appear to be for going to Virgin devices. For example the notes from the Z10 will transfer but will all be in an unfiled folder. And I have a lot of data on the SD. Card, would it be better to just swap the card into the classic ( the bigger cards are surprisingly cheap might get a 128 or a 256). To top it off the transfer has to be non destructive because although it looks like the Z10 got edged out as the daily driver, it will still likely get used from time to time.

    Lastly what ever happened to worklife and BlackBerry's acquisition of morvirtu (virtual sims)? I haven't been keeping up as much as I should becuase I anticipated riding the z10 till she could ride no more.


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    07-01-16 11:00 AM
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    I can't provide you with too much info for data transferring information but here goes.

    You can try using Link to back up everything from your Z10 and then transfer it to your new Classic. You can also use the Device Switch app which is available in BlackBerry World. This allows you to move contacts, pictures, files and other things. It doesn't transfer everything though so it maybe best to see what does need to be moved over.

    As for the dual Sim Tech that BlackBerry bought, I believe they have incorporated some of this stuff into their BlackBerry Enterprise Suite of products they are selling. I am not the biggest tech guy but I see it allows corporations the ability to have employees have their own devices but also full functionality of another "corporate" number.

    Hopefully we know more as things progress over the next little while.
    Good luck and welcome to the BlackBerry Classic club

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    07-03-16 09:55 PM

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