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    Pr Scriptum: I guess most questions have already been asked here, I tried reading a lot on crackberry/Reddit to grasp the "BB experience" from a "young" all-touch Android user who've never had a BB, let alone a QWERTY Keyboard,

    I'm currently considering getting a Classic (along with a 8ish inches tablet for media consumption and entertainment) to replace my Nexus 5.
    The goal would be to streamline my phone use to productivity and communication and limit compulsive browsing "I do it anywhere because I can not because I actually need to and it's destroying my eyes on an 5inch screen, let alone speaking about social interactions" (for that there will be a much more comfortable tablet when time and comfort allow for it).

    My app use in my N5, apart from communications, are limited to browsing, reddit and rss (in heavy use) and other low-to-moderate use apps.

    Background if you should know: 23 yo, Engineering student in last part of postgrad. Not hanging around any blackberry phone, let alone recent. I used a T9 sony ericson as a first phone, then switched to HTC Hero, Sony Xperia P then Nexus 5.
    Now, basically, I like change and I'm a bit disappointed from Android (battery mostly, oh god the state of the Nexus 5 with Lollipop) and "scary-google-now-Please-Stop-I-said-don't-do-that". The problem is also that the phablet trend is not physically suited for me, albeit the Note 4 is very attractive (But due to my physical characteristics I can't hold it comfortably, let alone put it in a jean pocket), so my logic would be "right, if flagships are out of my league, why not look elsewhere?".

    Some questions though, before making the switch from Android:

    1) I read some issues with the battery due to defective devices, did I misread ? Are build issues common ? Apparently less-than-stellar build quality of the keyboard and gap between the screen and toolbelt are common, I just hope it's bearable, but the battery is a huge issue...

    2) How does the OS handle google doc files (Sheets and Docs application on Android) ? Do you check them through the website ? (For example the "shared with me" or "recent" public files).

    3) How does the OS handle google contacts ? Can I still hope to use google as my main contact addressbook ? Does two-way synchronization work acceptably ? Otherwise, would you have a cloud-based alternative solution ?

    4) Is the old gmaps (6.8.1 ish ?) still working ? Can't imagine going without it for finding stores etc when walking.

    5) How is the autocorrect working with a physical keyboard ? (Is there any ? If so, does it support multiple language at once ? - Like swiftkey). Since I'm French, how is it dealing with accents ? (autocomplete?)

    6) Is there a list of "must use" apps ? Blackberry world literally display weirdly on both chrome and firefox on my computer and I can't seem to browse it comfortably (intended ? bug from my side ?)
    EDIT: OH GOD, I just had to "unblock content" for it to display peacefully. I'm so relieved now.....
    (No I don't care much about Snapchat, was more thinking about:
    -a Feedly client {gNewsReader?}
    -Reddit {reddit in motion?},
    -Drive, Dropbox (playcloud?)
    -Evernote (native?)
    -Maps (sideload) ?

    7) How is the sideloading of Android apps (through snap if I'm correct?) ? Do they behave like they would on this kind or hardware or worse (may I dream better) ?
    Speaking of sideloading, Snap VS Amazon Play Store, performance wise is there a difference ?

    8) How does the browser handle the more "heavier" sites we tend to see these days? I heard good things, many tech sites are saying "yeah browsing experience is really good" and handing literally weird benchmarks along and that's kinda disturbing...

    Thanks in advance,

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