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    Hi there,
    I'm a new Classic user from Italy (so, please, forgive my bad English...).
    I got a Classic with software. I come from a 9320.
    I have a set of questions for you:
    1. Is there a one-tap way to close all running apps? I'm talking about the apps that continue running in background (FB, whatsapp, blend, box, Amazon, bbm meeting, etc...)
    2. can i set the email accounts to send all outgoing email to a personal address (as hidden copy) to see them on my PC? With 9320 I did it.
    3. can I set voice assistant to ALWAYS OFF? This assistant is a bull**** with my car set. The assistant doesn't understand what I say and dosen't shut down when I press the red button of my car set. I would like to go back to the 9320 system.
    4. can I put the 3-4 most used app on the main screen for a faster use?

    Thanks a lot for your help
    Kind Regards from Italy
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    08-01-15 03:50 AM
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    Ok, I've just fixed n.3 and n.4
    3 - I've set the car bluetooth to work without the voice assistant by registering the most used contact on the car equipment. Now I have a limited set of possible calls but it is ok (with the voice system of 9320 i could call all contacts)
    4 - I've set to remove the "blank" page when there are no live tiles on (it goes to the first page of apps)

    I still need a help for n.1 and n.2
    08-01-15 04:27 PM

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