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    Greetings all,

    I have a question regarding workspace activation on a BB Classic in my enterprise environment.
    Due to auditing and client requirements we must use the work space only set up for the classic's we are about to deploy.

    One concern that im not being given an accurate answer for is using the Transfer Data option with BB Link to migrate data from a bold 9900 to the classic. This feature works fine when setting up the dual space environment. however, when activating with work space only. It appears the firststep of this process is to wipe the device. Hence wiping any transferred data. Some of my users main concern during this migration is to have their call and SMS logs transferred over. Unfortunately it seems thats not an option.

    Is there a way to migrate this transferred data to a workspace only device? Is there a setting on the BES server ( we're using BES10 ) that controls that initial function of wiping the device or a way to have that old data moved to the classic?
    12-11-15 10:32 AM
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    It sounds like you recently purchased Classics, transferred data to them from the 9900's, then realized the workspace/personal space partition was set up incorrectly.
    So if none of your employees have used the classics yet, what's wrong with completely wiping the Classic, then re-transferring data from the 9900 to the freshly cleaned Classic?

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    12-11-15 11:31 AM
  3. flyromeo3's Avatar
    Thank you for responding.
    We did in fact purchase a bunch of classic' recently and deployed them with dual work and personal space.
    Things were going fine until the audit came about.

    The Data Transfer via bb link or using an SD card worked fine. Data transferred over to the personal space as expected.
    Now that we have to utilize the work space only regulation, going forward with this activation doesnt allow us to keep any of the transferred data.

    The problem is, transferring the data over works fine. As soon as wireless activation begins there seems to be a process of an initial device wipe Followed by the device activation. Once completed, its complete empty of any data transferred over from the 9900.
    I'm assuming this is how it works by design. Trust me I'd rather not transfer any data over but these Partners ( Lawyers ) at the firm have no clue about technology which is why im here. Just trying to see anyone has gone this route and was able to keep the transferred data on a workspace only activation.

    Thanks again,
    12-14-15 07:37 AM

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