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    My mother's in-law Q10 died. Cannot get it turn on, etc.

    So I got her a BB Classic because Verizon is no longer carrying the Q10. . I'm assuming that she can adjust easily to the Classic since it's using BB10 and has a keyboard. Love the keyboard

    Because I cannot turn on the Q10 at all, is there a way that I can transfer data (pictures) from the Q10 to the Classic?

    This may seem like a simple question, but I'm not a smartphone expert. I'm just a user and trying to help. I know that the Q10 has a memory card that can be seen when you open the phone. Can this be accessed? I really don't want to mess anything up.

    09-10-15 11:33 AM
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    You can take the media card out and place it into a media card reader plugged into a pc or if there is a built in one in the computer or even a printer

    Blackberry Passport running
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    09-10-15 11:35 AM
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    Thanks for the quick reply. I'll try that later when I get home. I was hoping that something like that could be done, but the last thing I need is to take something I don't understand and not sure what it is and just plug into my good computer and wreck that.

    09-10-15 12:02 PM
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    I am pretty sure you have a micro sd memory card so make sure the media card accepts this and you are good. If it doesnt read, take it out and put it in the opposite way, computer will recognize within a minute and install the drivers successfully
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    09-10-15 12:27 PM
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    Sorry for the delay I've been pretty busy. I opened the back of the "bad" Q10 and remove the memory card and tried to put it into the media card holder, but the card in the phone won't go into the Micro SD adapter. FYI, there is only one card *that I see* in the Q10. It's has Verizon name on it.

    There is a slot for another memory card in the Q10, but it's empty.

    Do I need another kind of Adapter for the Verizon card? Thanks.
    09-15-15 10:33 AM
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    The Verizon Sim is not a memory card. It's the programming for the cellular service (in simplest terms).

    The previous answer was assuming you had an additional SD card. Bad assumption apparently.

    The best case is that the old data was either cloud syncing and you can just download the data, or was backed up using Verizon services and you can again download it.

    But for sure what you're looking for - user data - isn't on the SIM card. The only thing that might be present - and it's less and less common - is contact information.

    As the size of the old Sim won't fit into the new phone, you'll need a device that will fit the old mini-sim to even look for contacts. That's probably not worth the trouble since it's pretty unlikely that there's any info on it you need.

    Without the extra SD card, chances are it's either download from the cloud or the data was stored in on-board phone storage, which means (if the Q10 is really "dead") that you're out of luck.

    Sorry to have to break the bad news.

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    09-15-15 11:05 AM
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    Well thanks for the response. I was hoping to help my mother in-law, but she will understand.

    Learn something new everyday :-)
    09-15-15 04:11 PM
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    The good news is she will love this phone
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    09-15-15 08:06 PM
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    Using a Z10 can not edit. CB10 edit not working on Z10

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    09-15-15 08:10 PM

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