1. BerryConvinced's Avatar
    [FONT=Book Antiqua]It's no secret that Amazon has the Classic for nearly $75-$100 cheaper than other options, so why buy anywhere else rather than there? I guess my real question is, is there a difference maybe in software or performance in the Blackberry Classics sold on Amazon than there is with the one's sold at T-Mobile or Blackberry, or other outlets?

    I am a day away from purchasing a Classic, but am confused at the price difference. If I have to pay a little more to get a more updated or better performing Classic from somewhere else than Amazon, I don't mind, but if its just a matter of pricing difference rather than quality- well, I'll go with Amazon.

    Anyone get there Classic from Amazon?
    05-21-15 11:47 AM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    I'm very happy with my Passport from Amazon. It has all the right frequencies and works great on T-Mobile.
    05-21-15 01:08 PM
  3. wmadi76's Avatar
    Purchased a classic from amazone was amazing! I love it! I saved over 150$ and migrated to! Performance issue none till now! Only frustration is in the future regarding Battery issue and freezing like old version!
    05-21-15 02:19 PM

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