1. Rick Soots's Avatar
    with bucket for both phones sometimes when we were using our laptops back thru our hotspots theeach billing cycle we get 10 GB of Hotspot data . If you go over the 10 gb they have the righjt to throttle your hotspot down to like 125 mbps I think. I noticed last month on both the phones with data left in the Hotspot buckets that when we used our laptops synced back thru our phones that they were running awfully slow. I checked the speed of the connections on the hotspot and it was down to 150 mbps. Other times when things are running normal my connection on my hotspot is running at its normal fast sdpeed and the laptop is doing fin e its shows 433 mbps. I have called ATT advanced support and asked them poin t blank are they throttling my two phones by mistaske sin ce I still havent went over the 10 GB limit an d I have been told No. Is there anything else I'm missing on my phones that I'm not checking out here ? I check the speed of the connection thru the properties tab of my laptops when I'm connected by the way
    12-30-17 10:50 AM
  2. anon(916519)'s Avatar
    I just pulled a 12.58 Mbps off my AT&T Classic's hot spot.

    In comparison comcast was 44.51 off the house router.

     Classic SQC100-2 I
    12-30-17 02:19 PM

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