1. marcusperkins's Avatar
    I'm a hard core BOS7 fan, primarily because of the heavy email traffic I have to deal with.

    The jump to OS10 and the Q10 when it came out was incredibly frustrating because it simply did not deliver the level of core functionality expected of a business phone.

    Now I'm on a classic running 10:3.1, some frustrations remain (primarily with the tool belt integration). However, now I'm digging into the Hub to figure out how to maximise efficiency I'm finding the latest OS is starting to accelerate away from BOS7.

    There are plenty of neat touches making my life easier: the ability to quickly respond to chat messages, being able to easily flag, mark read/unread, or delete messages is good. Being able to select multiple messages with the trackpad is a godsend. All of this is mostly smooth and efficient.

    With another year of development, I think the classic with toolbelt could become a real winner for business users who need to deal with a lot of comms traffic on the go.

    I do though wish they would give the option to remove stickers and the sticker shop from BlackBerry Messenger, as that really irritates, particularly as BlackBerry Messenger is baked into the OS without the option to delete it.
    02-06-15 07:47 AM
  2. RyanGermann's Avatar
    I agree that those of us using BBM on BlackBerry devices have 'paid' for BBM and shouldn't have to endure in-app advertising.

    Posted via CB10
    02-06-15 07:52 AM

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