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    Ummmm ugh

    I kinda got PowerAmp to work correctly. However when I change tracks a notification appears in the Hub!!! Dumb! I don't see where I can stop this! Any help is greatly appreciated. I had to copy the license from my nexus and place the file into my syncr folder, wifi sync only syncs to the internal and not SD card.

    I notice it skips seldom but not to much. Think it's a setting we can use to change it, but yea anyone please help I don't want a notification every time the song changes -_-

    J Be....Here But Gone...
    01-07-16 01:09 AM
  2. JeBe4's Avatar
    Wow! Nothing lol I love the form factor, this device just under performs. Glad I kept my android devices. This phone is only good for calls, emails, maybe text. Just using the keyboard. But everything else is horrid.

    Ok. After going through so much just to get the PowerAmp application to work:

    I learned, the music will stutter and skip when running opening other applications.

    In regards to the notifications, It only has the current song notification it doesn't keep sending notification for each song which I can deal with I guess.

    My biggest issue is, the lag!! It literally takes several minutes just to get the song playing. Then, don't try changing to a specific song in the playlist, that takes several minutes too. I usually play on shuffle and so far it crossfades as i'm used to experiencing, but jeez sometimes you want to skip or select a certain song, shouldn't take minutes to register, I just think this phone can't handle multimedia files in large volumes yet it's effortless and fast on other platforms....sigh

    J Be....Here But Gone...
    01-07-16 04:49 PM

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