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    This will be about a few problems I came across with BlackBerry Classic. Some are just things to be aware of and live with rather than necessarily being my complaints. I welcome conversation.
    My talk about BlackBerry 10 will be brought up in the appropriate forum once I finish laying it out.

    Starting off, the video at the Classic launch event never surfaced. Attached is the audio for the video.
    Something interesting John Chen said seemed to fall on deaf ears which I'm including as well.

    To me BlackBerry is a tool which serves vital purposes, but in addition can do more to enhance day to day life. As we know, BlackBerry is for saving time, not wasting it. So the less time the screen is on the better. The toolbelt and trackpad sold me about this device, which no modern devices have. The return of some features in 10.3.1 and new features such as Blend did as well which I know older BB10 devices are now updated to.

    Specifically this will cover the hardware limitations or how 10.3.1 and 10.3.2 (the update) restricts this device.
    The lacking flash support and loss of ability to enable tethering are downfalls. There are many positives such as Blend, but here it is.

    WiFi Hotspot and Tethering (before and after 10.3.1)
    If you want to tether without being scammed by your carrier, any OS 10.3.1 or above isn't possible yet because a step required Adobe Air which is gone. All BlackBerry Classic users can't tether without flashing a 10.2 version of the OS. Not worth it to me.

    Diagnostics Screen is accessible in the browser by going to escreen:// in your browser, but isn't useful unless the Adobe Air app is remade.

    Attempts to search for information brought me to this thread which is still vague until I found this specific post.

    More about eScreen:
    eScreen Unlock Key Generating app for BB10 + launch Dev Mode
    How to access the engineering (Help Me!) screen on BlackBerry 10
    eScreen Keygen

    No such information really exists about Hotspot/Tether on 10.3.1 or above.
    In europe carriers do not charge extra for tethering, so it is unfair for us.

    Hardware Problems
    1. BlackBerry WS-430 Premium Headset designed and built for BlackBerry has annoying buzzing sounds when used on the Classic. The buzzing gets louder in relation to the use of the touch screen and in a call it can be heard on the other side. It fixed itself somehow after a few days
    2. Front facing camera managed to get dust particles by the lens under the screen. It isn't sealed well enough somewhere.
    3. Unlike legacy BlackBerry devices, the metal logo on the back can be dented. The device is strong, but they spared expenses.
    4. Why do the keys with numbers on them wake the screen, but nothing else does? K for Unlock obviously does, and so does every button associated with the toolbelt. There should be a way to disable this.
    5. If you quickly press the unlock button at the top multiple times it turns on accessibility mode. It would be nice to disable this or add another shortcut. Not so much a problem as it is a feature that should be optional.
    6. At around 30%-40% battery the camera flash gets all flickery as if the device is overconfident about how much power it has to make use of, sometimes resulting in photos with no flash.
    7. The charge port gets chewed up where the micro usb clips hang out, especially since the bottom is a metal frame.
    8. They are discreet, but what happened to being able to hide the CE logo and such in a menu instead of laser etching it into the metal? I guess the new regulations didn't pass in time for them to do that?

    Accessory Problems
    I made a mistake and got a cheap tempered glass screen protector that refused to lay flat. Has huge air pockets.
    I wish I did it right from the start. Get PREMIUM glass if you get a glass screen protector. Phantom Glass may be the best option.
    It also has Crackberry's affiliate code on the link so they will benefit if you buy one.
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    Nice overview of some features and apps...

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