1. Tammy1of3's Avatar
    It would be helpful to me if I could use WiFi calling while at home because I can't always make and/or receive calls without getting the roaming notice. I live in an area that has spotty reception on the best days. Can I do that on the Classic and, if so, how?

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    02-16-17 05:09 AM
  2. mrfreeze's Avatar
    Hi Tammy,

    What carrier are you using?
    02-16-17 06:12 AM
  3. Tammy1of3's Avatar
    Straight Talk (cdma). I have fabulous coverage everywhere except in my home. I live in the boonies. Lol. I actually have an LG phone purchased from ST (4G) that works fine most of the time, but since I detest android and Google so much, I put my sim in my BlackBerry and I get the "You are roaming" thing. Of course, ST does not roam and I have to keep trying until it works or switch to the LG phone to make the call. Kind of a hassle. I'm guessing this is happening because my Classic is a global phone???

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    02-16-17 06:28 AM
  4. Tammy1of3's Avatar
    Any help out there with this? I would like the ability to use WiFi calling while at home.

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    02-20-17 05:55 AM
  5. Tammy1of3's Avatar
    I'm guessing this is not possible due to the lack of responses??? Lol, trying one more time and then I give up.

    Posted via CB10
    02-23-17 05:40 AM
  6. spARTacus's Avatar
    It suprises me why this can still be carrier dependent. If you think about it, other than needing to involve the carrier to coordinate for if data packets should be routed over their cell networks or piped to some sort of secondary exchange for delivery over some other network (eg: the wifi data connection), the carriers should be squeezed to have less control. I remember reading somewhere about a guy that got only a data plan for his mobile phone (ie: no ability for anyone to call or sms him via a carrier telephone number). Then, he used apps for everything with no difference between on wifi or on his mobile phone's "data service". He had pretty much cut the ability to be controlled by the carrier with respect to his telephone number and voice plan (still of course heavily dependent for provision of a data pipe).

    Now, I don't think it worked out too well for him because there isn't yet enough consistent compatibility and interoperability between all the various "voice, video and messaging apps". However, there's no reason why consumer demand shouldn't drive for increases in compatibility and interoperability (other than the fact that each company is trying to fiercely protect and carve out a piece of the pie and grow their pieces in order to increase profits, and they try to achieve that with less compatibility and interoperability in order to " influence" customers to switch over to them).

    If you think of it, a big company like Apple, Google, Samsung, Microsoft, FaceBook (or BlackBerry back in the day) should have no problem establishing a few telephone exchanges and a bank of "ID numbers", and then interconnecting that infrastructure with a few of the existing telephone networks around the world, and then also building compatibility and interoperability into one of their existing apps (eg: iMessage/FaceTime, Skype, BBM, etc...). Then, people could "phone" or "video/audio/text" message other devices or normal telephone numbers using the app and it would all just work seamlessly regardless of who was providing the data pipe.

    I am a bit surprised that one of the major companies has not yet broken out in that direction. It would maybe be a paradigm shift, like email was compared to regular mail. It would reduce the carriers to simply network providers (eg: less ability to control things like app/OS updates, etc...). Maybe the telcos are simply still too big to be taken on.

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    02-23-17 07:52 AM

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