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    Please. PLEASE. No nay-sayers here. Start your own thread for that.

    I am so excited about the Classic! As I was watching the launch re-play video, I remembered what it was like for me to go from the Bold's OS to BB10. In light of the fact that the presentation focused a lot on Bold/Curve users who may switch to the Classic, I realize they will still have an adjustment to go through: getting use to BB10.

    Having now used BB10 for some time, I honestly think the reason why I had such a hard time getting use to the swipes and gestures was because I had a negative pre-disposition about the phone (a Q10), Didn't the sales person tell me that 99% of the people who bought it didn't like it and brought it back? Didn't they say it was NOTHING like my old BB and I probably WON'T like it?

    Yep. And I sure didn't like it either!. The negative feedback and my own negative attitude going into it just made learning those swipes and gestures all the more harder. Now, I love them! They are like second nature. However, that's not to say I'm not getting the Classic (already pre-ordered it ).

    Although the swipes and gestures shouldn't be as much of a barrier on the Classic due to the handy toolbelt, my point is - your attitude can make all the difference in the world regarding your experience.

    Suffice it to say, I understand why you may have waited so long and held on to your older trusty old BB phone. I get it. If you are considering getting the Classic, I encourage you to think about the following so you can have the best *transition* experience possible.

    - Resolve to slow down and apply patience.
    BlackBerry may have designed the Classic to have a certain *familiarity* about it, but remember it is not the old operating system. There WILL be differences. I started getting the hang of the BB10 in about 2 wks, but I was much more comfortable and at ease in about a month (that was with a *bad* attitude and *forcing* myself to use it). With a positive attitude it may go much quicker.

    - Give yourself time to discover the phone.
    Don't go into it looking for what it *doesn't do". Approach it with the mindset to discover what it *can do* and how the differences may be beneficial or provide a better user experience.

    - Take the time to go through the little tutorial.
    It may seem trivial, but it will help ease you into BB10 as well as familiarize you with the environment,

    Though these are obvious ideas, they are all things I did *not* do for my first experience with BB10. As a result, I took the Q10 back, used the Bold, purchased the Q10 again (and then) forced myself to do the obvious.

    Please feel free to kindly share any other useful suggestions for *soon to be* Classic owners and likely first time BB10 user.

    Happy QWERTYing
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    12-18-14 04:05 AM
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    Nice tips!
    02-09-15 12:04 PM
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    no thank u sticking to bold

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    02-09-15 02:01 PM
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    no thank u sticking to bold

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    I hope you know exactly what you're missing on.

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    02-10-15 07:54 AM
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    I hope you know exactly what you're missing on.

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    i like the size of bold got a iphone for second phone so im all good over here

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    02-10-15 09:19 AM

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