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    I know a lot of talk has been said about the app performance on the new Classic/Passport and have searched, now I'm to the point that I'm just looking for some quick yes/no's on the experience ppl have been having on some of the more "baseline" apps. Im looking to get a new classic/passport and wanted to see if the Classic (which I'm leaning towards) has what I need. Do the following apps perform well when either downloaded on BB WORLD/AMAZON APP STORE??:

    -Mobile Banking APPS (i imagine it'll vary to a degree depending on bank)
    -Facebook Messenger
    -Best podcast option??

    If anyone has used or uses any or all of those can you just give me a quick yes or no on how they perform on Classic and/or options i might have. Thanks, Cheers.
    01-20-15 04:02 AM

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