1. iThunderbirt's Avatar

    I been trying to find a solution to a problem with the Phone app on a BlackBerry Classic.

    After composing a number the option to indicate if you enabled speaker or on a headset is stuck in a loop were it goes from speaker, headset, phone all the time.

    Tried rebooting the device, turning Bluetooth off even reloaded the OS and it is still not working.

    Any suggestion/advice?

    Thank you.
    07-10-15 10:14 AM
  2. anon(9208252)'s Avatar
    Did reload the same OS , why not try a different one to see if its the OS or not, if its the same you might have to take it back for warranty.
    07-10-15 11:14 AM
  3. iThunderbirt's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply. Tried a different one and the problem is still present. So guess it will have to be shipped back for warranty.
    07-14-15 01:06 PM
  4. mad_mdx's Avatar
    I had the same issue on my passport.
    It's a hardware issue, you can test for it using bbve while on a call. The phone thinks you are pluggin and unplugging a headset constantly. The best way to cope for now is to actually use a headset. BlackBerry warranty is very quick otherwise so contact them asap.
    07-14-15 03:19 PM

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