1. lischultz's Avatar
    Hey all-

    Common problem with previous Blackberry's I've had. Unable to clear it by factory resetting my phone and restoring it. Tried another factory reset and it appeared without restoring it.

    Anyone else have this problem? Any help would be appreciated.

    Sent from my  Classic
    02-20-16 06:34 PM
  2. carter17's Avatar
    No and I've had a few BlackBerry's all the way back to the 8330 never had this problem. Hope someone can help you with it.

    Posted via CB10
    02-20-16 07:55 PM
  3. carter17's Avatar
    Quick question did you leave the sim card in during the factory reset, And going through the set up? I would assume it's on the network side of things and not the individual phone. Considering your saying it's happened on multiple devices going back for you.

    Posted via CB10
    02-20-16 08:02 PM

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