08-30-15 12:11 PM
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    At the end of the day, the size and pocket-ability of a device has always trumped all the "bells n whistles" that entice me buy a phone. Hands down, the passport beats out the classic in every category. For me it boiled down to how it felt when in my pocket. Ranging from jeans, khakis, slacks, shorts, carrying it in my hat with the keys and wallet on the way to the gym, etc. When I was at work with my white lab coat the passport went in the front pocket and I never had any issues. But it was the pocket-ability outside of work that slowly became an issue. Bothering me a little bit more and more as each day passed. Finally I realized, once again, as I always do, that it doesn't matter how great the screen looked, how long the battery lasted, how I could open an app 1-2 seconds faster (it's truly ridiculous how impatient we have become through the years), if I can't carry the device with comfort or ease. Enter the classic..... for me, perfect size. I can do everything I need my device to do. I hate to use this because it's become a cliche, but I need a tool, not a toy. The Classic is just that for me.

    It sounds like the size is going to be an issue for you, as it ultimately became for me. Go for it. The size is perfect and I think any perceived shortcomings will soon fade and you will be happy again.

    Oh yeah, and no double type issues thus far for me. I'm in love with my BlackBerry

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    Really well said! Ultimately I think the way we use our phones will ultimately dictate what kind of phone we have. I think too that the type of person we are is also, in some ways, reflected in the type of phone we use. For example, if someone is after consuming media for hours on end, a BlackBerry would most likely not be their first choice.

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    08-30-15 11:20 AM
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    Hi all, has anyone gone to the passport to the classic?

    Right now I'm getting really annoyed with the size of the passport.

    Just need some help if it's a bad option


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    How long have you had your Passport now for?

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    08-30-15 12:11 PM
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