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    ...Just recently I saw a friend tweeting how the Classic was a miserable failed attempt by blackberry. I replied saying I have one and really like it. His reply? You bought one? On purpose? WHY??? I know he hasn't seen one much less used one.
    This is a perfect response to any relative or friend who questions anyone on what gadget they own (BlackBerry or other). Just inform them you have one and really like it, and end the discussion. When they see you stood up and made the point, they will feel a little foolish for the criticism (assuming they are a close acquaintance).

    It's funny how you justify the crap camera on a BB buy saying it's not a business tool. Cameras are an integral part a lot of businesses today. This is a big issue with BB fans. We justify the shortcomings of our phones by saying we don't need whatever function we are discussing at the moment. For BB to really succeed they need to fix the shortcomings. It's this kind of thinking that killed BB to begin with. Some of you need to wake up!
    The camera shots from the Classic which I've seen, all look fine. You can use it for general business. If you need to take pristine shots for your job, you should use a real camera with decent capabilities. Stop making reasons to unnecessarily criticize.

    Sadly I may be leaving the BB group. I'm rockin a Z10 and its having issues with the proximity sensor that now activates random buttons when I put the phone to my ear. Sadly, BB does not have a current phone that is all touch. Before anyone says "buy a Z30" let me just say that if I am buying a new phone I want new, not 1 yr+ out of date.BB really needs to figure out what kind of company they want to be
    Take care.

    Blackberry needs to figure out who is on Apple's marketing team, then double there salaries and move them over to BB
    That would give Apple a taste of their own medicine wouldn't it? Just like Apple making similar offers to engineers from Tesla.

    BBRY's biggest issue isn't marketing.
    What is then? Other critics swear that marketing is. I'm not saying one or the other, just curious.
    03-28-15 03:56 PM
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