02-06-15 11:08 AM
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  1. flyersfan76's Avatar
    The next time I need to order a phone I am buying from B&H Photo. Their customer service is amazing.

    No connection but if I am buying tech and accessories that are not available in brick and mortar I am buying from them 99% of the time.

    As for Digital River I received a shipping notice from them but no tracking number so I called them. They told me that the tracking number was on the package so I'll get it soon. Smh. Gee thanks.

    Posted via CB10
    01-25-15 07:43 AM
  2. ChainPunch's Avatar
    I have order from digital river twice and the first time was just an out right painful experience given that I had to return the device and it took me awhile to get a refund. I had to get my bank involved to get the refund process. The only reason I order from DR the second time around is because of the Z30 sale and the phone would be use for the non-primary line. It is best to stick with Amazon for ordering whenever you can, if getting the phone from your carrier is not an option.
    01-25-15 08:01 AM
  3. mhw100's Avatar
    I'm in the process of returning a couple of items from two different orders to BB facilitated by DR. What a mess of incomplete and confusing emails. I just can't believe how any business would use DR to manage their online services. Obviously I should have known better after all the reports in CB but I thought what-the-heck for a couple accessories how bad could it be? Well as it turns out its pretty bad and the evidence is clear that DR is not optimally managed and BB should be embarrassed by continuing that relationship. I don't have any confidence my return will be fulfilled correctly particularly given the return has to go to the US and a duty may be charged on the return which is mind boggling as the OP found out.
    01-25-15 04:08 PM
  4. skullkid92's Avatar
    I don't have any confidence my return will be fulfilled correctly particularly given the return has to go to the US and a duty may be charged on the return which is mind boggling as the OP found out.
    This has been my experience with Digital River. Thank you for posting your story and OP, this is a great thread! If I may share my story, which is still ongoing... (I'll try my best to keep it short.)

    Since I wanted to be among the first to own a Passport and I live in Europe, my best shot was placing an order on ShopBlackBerry EU (Digital River) when the device launched. The first problem started already when I didn't receive a shipping confirmation, even though my order status said the items have been shipped (I also ordered a car charger for the Passport). Getting in touch with ShopBlackBerry EU customer support (from hereafter "CS") proved difficult as they didn't answer my email and I waited 3 days for a response, so I called CS and was told since the car charger was out of stock my order was actually put on hold. This was confusing because the car charger was definitely in stock at the time of order and I was not contacted about a possible delay, as I would have gladly removed the car charger from the order if it meant getting my Passport quicker. I tried doing just that on the phone, but CS let me know they can't change orders after they have been placed, so I'd have to cancel my order and make a new one. That wouldn't have been a good idea since the Passport sold out very quickly. So I had to wait three weeks before the Passport finally shipped...

    I received my Passport and was obviously very excited about it, so I didn't immediately notice the two dead pixels right in the center of the display. After a week I then noticed other quality control problems (e.g. light bleeding from the sides of the keyboard, uneven finish/coating on the back of the device) so I contacted CS about these problems. CS said they have the 30-day return policy so if I'm not happy with the device I can return it to them at my expense. Initially CS requested I ship the Passport back to the warehouse in Slovakia. I complained to CS that I'm not returning a product because of a "change of mind", but because I've experienced problems that should be covered under warranty so I'm not paying for the return. CS then said they'd provide me with a return label. I had to get back to them a week later since I didn't receive any return label as they promised. CS insisted they're working hard to provide a return label for me and it'll take a bit more time. Out of the blue an email from FedEx came in with a return label pointed out to a company called "BrightPoint" to the US. I first believed this to be an error since I never received an email from CS about the return label, so I contacted them again and they said it's the correct return label. I then let them know after printing the return label that it said "BlackBerry Q10" under description of contents! CS assured me I shouldn't worry about that, even though I'm returning a Passport, not a Q10. Because the return label was pointed out to a company in the US, it only had contact information for FedEx in the US. I kindly asked CS to help me schedule collection for the package in my country, but I'd need the local contact details for FedEx, not their US number. CS said they can't help me so I was on my own, which I thought odd as I believe any other company would have gladly helped me in that situation.

    After finally getting down the details to contact FedEx about the shipment I arranged collection, but on the day the FedEx driver came to pick up my package he refused it saying I needed more documentation. Specifically, I was told I'd need a pro forma invoice. CS never gave me instructions on what documentation is needed so I contacted them to ask about the pro forma invoice. CS gave me instructions to print out the order invoice, which is different. I emailed CS back saying the order invoice is not a pro forma invoice, but they didn't understand what I was talking about. After talking with FedEx, who has been very understanding and helpful with my situation, I learned that a pro forma invoice is required because I'm shipping a package outside the European Union to the US and in this case to a different company ("BrightPoint") than the one I originally bought the items from (Digital River). FedEx was helpful enough to send me a pro forma invoice sheet as PDF that I could forward to CS. After a week CS said they're working on getting the pro forma invoice filled out for me. One week later I email CS asking what's taking so long. CS replies saying they've reached out to the warehouse so they can fill out the pro forma invoice. Two weeks later I send CS an email again why is it taking so long. CS says they have now escalated the issue and will fill out the pro forma invoice. Again two weeks later I have received no response yet from CS and I send them an email complaining about their slow response times and asking again what's taking so long. CS said they are still trying to get the pro forma invoice filled out. I sent them an email a week later saying I'm taking matters into my own hands and filling out the pro forma invoice myself as best as I can. I got in touch with FedEx and they were again extremely helpful and explained every little bit of what a pro forma invoice should include. There were still obviously a few things I couldn't fill out because it required knowledge from CS, but FedEx assured me if there are problems they can ask the recipient directly so I shouldn't worry about it. The next day the FedEx driver came to pick up the package and now the documentation was sufficient enough. So far so good!

    Last week the package finally arrived in the US and this is where things seriously take a turn for the even worse. I noticed the shipment was delayed due to customs clearance so I contacted FedEx to ask if there was any problem. It turns out the company the package is being shipped to ("BrightPoint") was contacted about the contents of the package, but they didn't know what it was. Therefore, the package had stayed in US customs awaiting more documentation. FedEx said there's a deadline until this Wednesday that if the appropriate documentation isn't submitted, the shipment and its contents will be destroyed. Yes, you read that right. I was instantly alarmed, asking for details on what documentation we're talking about and if I could fill it out. It's the FCC 740 form that is required, which without any equipment that uses radio or wireless frequencies cannot be imported into the US. It requires a detailed account of the device and FCC ID and several things I just don't have the answer to, so I immediately contacted CS prompting them to escalate and forward the issue to the appropriate person for quick action. As of yet they haven't passed on the FCC 740 form to FedEx and it's Wednesday soon, so I'm afraid the shipment and its contents will be destroyed.

    It never was my idea to ship the package to the US, as CS provided the return label for me. I also don't know who or what the company "BrightPoint" is and what their role is regarding my return. All I know is that my issue has extended for almost 3 months now and I have yet to receive my money back. I'm now preparing a claim with an attorney so I can sue Digital River in my country. Because I have always acted in a timely manner when required and followed the instructions provided, I can't be held responsible if the shipment is destroyed in US customs. I also have paperwork from the customs office in my country detailing that the package has already left my country and that it's a product return to the manufacturer. I still have a feeling I'm not going to see my money anytime soon, so that's why I have an attorney on my side making sure I can sue them effectively if I have to.

    Essentially I have been without a phone for 3 months because of Digital River's bad customer service and policies. It's extremely hard to recommend buying a BlackBerry after this experience, but I'm taking it calmly and understand that Digital River is not BlackBerry, they are just a company whom with BlackBerry has partnered. And that partnership is the worst possible there is. I'm just glad I found flaws in my Passport, because if CS had required me to pay for the expenses out of my own pocket to ship the Passport to the US via FedEx, it'd have cost as much as the Passport itself to do so because of the sealed lithium battery inside of the Passport. This means the package must be shipped via ground, not airmail, which is much more expensive.

    I'll try to get a good night's sleep now. It's almost 2am where I live. Thank you for reading this long post. I was very glad to find this thread as it provided me with a bit of comfort knowing I'm not alone out there. Peace!
    01-27-15 06:00 PM
  5. mhw100's Avatar
    Shipping across borders can be a pain at the best of times but the ineptitude of DR in your case is tantamount to negligence.
    01-27-15 06:08 PM
  6. tcmcanada's Avatar
    I received a USED passport from Digital River. Now i am in the progress to return the phone from Canada to US.
    I received the shipping label which is Fedex International Ground. Fedex refuse to take my parcel because they also need a commercial invoice and FCC 740 form. I sent couple emails to DR, they didn't give any answer. Can anyone help what to do?
    02-06-15 03:11 AM
  7. mhw100's Avatar
    Did you call FedEx. They can help tell you what to do.
    02-06-15 11:08 AM
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