View Poll Results: How many Anti-Touchscreen BBOS device users do you know?

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12-07-14 09:05 PM
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  1. idssteve's Avatar
    I, for one, unabashedly HATE touch interfaces. Especially capacitive. Capacitive touch requires ZERO pressure with ZERO vertical displacement while providing ZERO tactile feedback. Touch surfaces cover a significant portion of most devices' surface with a hyper sensitive, unintentional, target. Some of us can't easily use the device while "safely locked" in a magnetic holster. Most of my issues with the 9900 occurred during holster insertion or while handling the device during legitimate use.

    The single attribute of the 9900 i, personally, most detest is it's touch interface. 26 coworkers in my office unanimously agree. A few in my office developed a "screen lock" app to mostly disable the 9900's touch interface and that has made our 9900's truly relaxing to use. Unfortunately, that "lock app" was modified from an existing app, complicating any possibility of much sharing.

    BB10 handle's touch significantly better but still not perfect, imo. All 26 of us devoted over a year mastering z's and q's and still prefer track interface of the 9900. Especially after it's hyper sensitive target surface has been mostly disabled.

    We're all hoping the Classic's touch is well mannered enough to allow us to truly choose to use it's trackpad exclusively without unintentional touches. Regardless, no one will be more surprised than myself if BBRY actually provides the Q20 Classic with a touch disable option.
    12-07-14 08:58 PM
  2. TLD1's Avatar
    I've never ****-dialed anyone. Oh, but I use a holster instead of throwing my phone into my pocket willy-nilly...
    Thank you for your thoughtful addition to this thread. My life was absolutely...willy-nilly before you posted.
    decoy713 likes this.
    12-07-14 09:05 PM
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