08-23-15 11:59 PM
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    If only I could install BBOS on this Classic!

    But yea like you said, I've turned off everything from the hub except email accounts, so the hub for me now is basically the old BBOS "messages" option that showed only emails. It works well, it's just annoying that when I click compose on an email from the hub, it still offers me to send as a text/bbm/pin etc. even though those have been turned off from the hub.
    Just get shortcut creator. I have an icon for three separate email accounts on my home screen. And yes, of course you would get account options when selecting Compose from the hub. You're in the "Hub", an aggregate of your communication . And only making the Hub show email only won't stop that because the other ways of communication are still on the phone. Creating a specific icon tied to the specific email account will do what you want.
    I almost never compose from the hub. I instinctly go for a specific account. I like flexibility, and try shutting off "return to default view when idle" .
    Hope this helps.
    - active frames can drain your battery.
    - advanced interactions can also . Example : lift to wake.
    - have you investigated the full list of custom keyboard shortcuts?

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    08-23-15 11:59 PM
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