09-21-19 10:23 AM
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    LMAO - people that can justify using BB10 in 2019 aren’t truly requiring a modern ecosystem. It means either you’re dual carrying or using a laptop, desktop or tablet. I get it when people say they don’t need apps but using BB10 isn’t time effective when even using the browser(s) instead.

    Even the apps like CB10 aren’t the same as using modern browser and that’s for CrackBerry use!!!!
    So true dude. Don't get me wrong it was cool going back to it because I really did love this phone..but that was in 2014 lol. This key 2 is just far superior to it now. But I am looking to get a key 2 Le. Want to sell my Key 2 get like 400 Canadian for it as a couple dings on it. Then hopefully the key 3 comes out next summer and by then I can use my free upgrade but I have a bad feeling it's not ever coming out :-(
    09-21-19 10:22 AM
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    Last year I bought a Key2. Used it a couple of months, got frustrated, sold it and went back to the Classic. Then in April of this year I got jealous of my friends shiney new Samsung 10s and bought one. Tonight I pulled out the SIM card and put it in the old Classic just for fun, and now I am seriously thinking about just using the Classic again. There is something magical about this damn phone.
    The magic lasts a total of a day..then you realize this phone is old , slow, and just plain sucks lol
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    09-21-19 10:23 AM
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