11-16-19 02:16 AM
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  1. suspiciousguy's Avatar
    i just cant wait to see a full native android OS on Blackberry classic. Its like a dream come true finally. I have been waiting for this from years but thank god it finally got into Mr. Chens head that android is the way to go if there is any hope left. They posted several leaks of Android OS on the new BB passport silver edition and No its not a launcher.
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    08-08-15 12:07 AM
  2. Taigatrommel's Avatar
    Hi folks,

    I've had my Classic for 4 days. Good days too.

    The only issue I have is the SIM and SD bays. They don't meet in the middle nicely which seems rather strange.
    I've tried slotting the trays in separately and juggling a "dual-push" but either way, one or the other doors ends up looking like the attached photo. Anyone have any similar problems?

    Any suggestions?

    Many thanks

    Attachment 365475
    It actually is one of the more common problems with the Classic. There are a few dedicated threads about it. Not much you can do, I heard some people carefully used fine sandpaper to trim the trays directly. But otherwise you could just exchange it and hope the replacement will have matching trays.
    08-08-15 02:39 AM
  3. Taigatrommel's Avatar
    I just realised I never reported in this thread, although I could've done so three times already. Our friendly DHL driver just rang and delivered a package to me - my third BlackBerry Classic. Another (refurbished) replacement sent by BlackBerry, nearly six weeks after I sent mine off for warranty. It's charging at the moment, initial impressions are good: The SIM and SD trays seem to be even, although I haven't inserted any cards yet. There doesn't seem to be a gap between toolbelt and display. All keys seem to be ok. The unit has arrived with poorly applied factory protectors and is dusty as usual.

    For the record: Bought my Classic back in January, sent it in due to multiple problems. Got my refurbished replacement phone, which died a rather quick death after not even six days of use due to a faulty battery. I am crossing fingers this unit might actually last a bit longer than just a couple of months - let alone days.
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    08-08-15 05:56 AM
  4. OrdinaryMOE's Avatar
    I have my Classic!
    Official I Got My Classic Thread!-imageuploadedbycb-forums1439417052.695431.jpg
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    08-12-15 06:04 PM
  5. b121's Avatar
    Woo hoo! So nice to be back with a pkb!!! (track pad and short cuts!)

    This really should have been the first BB10 device release... could have made a huge difference in their market share erosion.

    Posted via CB10 (7250 -> 8703e -> 9530 -> 9550 -> 9650 -> 9930 -> PlayBook -> Z10 -> Z30 -> Classic)
    08-12-15 10:54 PM
  6. arsenm's Avatar
    Mine came in yesterday, couldn't resist the urge to go back to BlackBerry had Q10 for a year and then it started with the 'usual' BlackBerry problem, doubletyping, then after upgrade to 10.3.1 it started losing WiFi, screen was not as responsive as before...so I decided to buy another phone and maybe something different. So I bought OnePlus, phone is awesome with it's hardware specs, but there was something missing and after three month I just had to go back to BlackBerry with brand new Classic. Now everything is in place, phone is simply gorgeous, fast and the typing,whoa the keypad is really blazing
    There is truth in the saying: "Once you go BlackBerry you are always with BlackBerry ".

    Posted via CB10
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    08-18-15 04:36 AM
  7. David Barclay's Avatar
    Got my first BlackBerry ever, (Classic) a few days ago. I was always an Android user. I must say... wow! What a waste. All those years of Android phones, and the solution to all my problems was right there in front of me. I hate touch screen keyboards, and within a few months I'd always have problems. So far, this BlackBerry Classic is a dream come true! The Trackpad, QWERTY keyboard, BlackBerry Hub, and overall performance is amazing. BlackBerry has created another addict.
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    08-24-15 02:42 PM
  8. ryan drew's Avatar
    I'm so stoked about my first crackberry!..love this thing.

    Posted via CB10
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    08-26-15 02:22 AM
  9. velkod's Avatar
    I've never been happier with a phone. The classic does everything it's supposed to exceptionally well. Plus the blue... gorgeous

    Official I Got My Classic Thread!-img_20150820_151336_edit.jpg
    08-26-15 03:03 AM
  10. jamin1231's Avatar
    Been using my Blackberry Classic since Wednesday. Coming from an iPhone 5 and the classic is awesome so far! The operating system takes some getting used to but I really like the way it's organized.
    08-28-15 06:19 PM
  11. velkod's Avatar
    Been using my Blackberry Classic since Wednesday. Coming from an iPhone 5 and the classic is awesome so far! The operating system takes some getting used to but I really like the way it's organized.
    Soon as you get used to it, you'll be flying and no looking back. Cleanest and most efficient OS out there (to me anyways lol)
    08-28-15 10:34 PM
  12. Stratos Christoforidis's Avatar
    Got mine 2 days ago second-handed at 270€.
    I live in Greece and due to the capital controls buying online is a pain in the......
    I am ecstatic about it, my first BB, but sure not the last one.
    Using Android for years and interfering with custom roms etc, but I became really bored.
    I love this device
    08-30-15 09:50 AM
  13. cristu's Avatar
    I'm the happy owner of this beautiful device. Comming from Symbian Nokia E72. I still preffer physical keyboard
    Love it !
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    10-02-15 01:59 AM
  14. CranBerry413's Avatar
    Switched over to the Classic from the Q10. Love it so far.

    Posted via CB10
    10-02-15 04:14 PM
  15. GeorgeBartlett's Avatar
    Hey everyone, I'm new to the site and the forums but am a returning member of the BlackBerry family.

    Just ordered my BlackBerry Classic White to be delivered in a couple days but felt like making a post now to help me survive the wait. Currently I'm using an iPhone 6 Plus but am tired after 6 same-same years, been yearning to get back to BlackBerry and its ability to get stuff done.
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    10-03-15 07:00 PM
  16. donzr's Avatar
    I just switched from an iPhone 6 to a BlackBerry Classic today. I really had no complaints with the iPhone but it's nice to be back. I've owned several BlackBerrys and iPhones over the years, my first BB being the 7290. After a couple odd looks from my carrier when I said I wanted to switch to BlackBerry, I left the store with my beautiful Classic. I'm still trying to get it the way I want it and it's an adjustment but I'm sure I'll be all good soon. What sparked my return to BlackBerry? A stranger asked me to take a photo of them with their Q10. We ended up having a conversation about it and I realized how much I missed it. That's another thing I like about BlackBerry, it's nice small community. It reminds me of Apple's old slogan, Think Different.
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    10-09-15 03:08 AM
  17. MDoza's Avatar
    I just got my classic this week but I wanted to hold off a post until I had my initial thoughts together. I love this device I am so happy to be back on a blackberry handset and OS. Everything works as I expected it would and I am already more productive and having more fun than I have with a handset in a while. My wife has a Galaxy S5 and she is totally jealous and is fixing to get a classic as well. I really hope BB keeps releasing OS 10 devices. Official I Got My Classic Thread!-happy-classic.jpg
    11-21-15 10:04 PM
  18. Kwolkens's Avatar
    I'm back in the BlackBerry fold (had a Pearl previously) after a few years on an iPhone 4 and a Samsung S5. I made the switch back because I needed a real keyboard. For some reason I never quite mastered the touch screens. It may have to do with the fact I work with my hands and sometimes my finger tips can get rough. Either way it was always a hassle typing on the glass.

    I've been poking away at the Classic for about a week now and am getting it set up with all of my preferences and making it "mine". Although the phones tutorial was good, this forum is an invaluable source of info. I've already searched and found how to customize my text message alerts.

    Thanks to all who contribute!

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    11-25-15 08:55 PM
  19. kew2008's Avatar
    I'm back with my first love and I love it. The Classic is beautiful and the OS is winning me over. Sure there's a few shortcomings such as the lack of apps and smaller screen size but I'm happy with the performance.

    Posted via CB10
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    12-07-15 03:40 AM
  20. jeanholton1's Avatar
    Got my Classic earlier this week! Wanted it all year, but I gave my daughter my upgrade so I waited for another one to come up for renewal. Love it! It does feel heavier/bigger than the Q10 I had before so I'm trying to get used to that. Ordered a case yesterday - hoping that makes a little more comfortable to hold.. (not complaining, just an adjustment with a new phone)

    Posted via CB10
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    12-13-15 04:05 PM
  21. DWard29's Avatar
    Just thought I'd add to the thread.

    Got my first (ever) Blackberry yesterday - the Classic Blue. I guess this means I'm no longer firmly in the Android camp
    I've been wanting to try Blackberry OS 10 for quite some time - so I'm happy I was able to get a phone which (I'm told) captures so much of the classic blackberry experience (trackpad!) but also has the brand new OS.
    12-16-15 02:15 AM
  22. rivalbro's Avatar
    Have had my Classic since it first came out, never had a complain but changed to use facetime. Now I want to go back to the Classic and was just looking for advice on something but CB doesn't allow making new threads unless 10 posts. Doing that now.
    12-27-15 04:06 AM
  23. 485's Avatar
    Got my Classic now had it a week. Loving the keyboard and overall design my only regret is waiting so long to get one. I've come from a Q5 so the Classic has a much more premium feel to it than I'm used to. Great phone.
    01-12-16 04:53 PM
  24. emanuel0ss0's Avatar
    Just got my Classic delivered today!! Can't wait to dive in and see which BlackBerry I prefer, Classic or Passport?

    Posted via my Awesome Red Passport running on T-Mobile Unlimited Data. SQW100-1/
    01-15-16 02:49 PM
  25. Aneres11's Avatar
    Just got my Classic delivered today!! Can't wait to dive in and see which BlackBerry I prefer, Classic or Passport?

    Posted via my Awesome Red Passport running on T-Mobile Unlimited Data. SQW100-1/
    Share your thoughts once you've spent some time with the device!
    I loved both the Passport and Classic. I think the Classic is more suited to me as it's easier to pocket and hold than the Passport. However the specs, screen and touch capacitive keypad of the Passport are all huge one ups over the Classic.

    For me though, I prefer the full keypad available on the Classic as well as the size, so Classic wins out for me
    01-16-16 05:53 AM
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