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    I have repeatedly asked Tech Support for a price for a new install from the factory for a battery for BB Classic. I just got the news @ $210! With an iPhone its $79.00 but with a Canadian Company AKA RIMM its 3 times as much. Is this extortionate or am I being stupid??

    I have to say Blackberry isn't the company it used to be. I felt like I was dealing with a salesman when every time I asked the question what was the cost I got asked another question in response. They say nostalgia is a thing of the past. After being a 10 year user of BB technology I'm beginning to wonder if BB isn't a thing of the past too??
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    05-19-17 03:41 PM
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    Is this extortionate or am I being stupid??
    It's called volume sales and economics. Apple has way more customers and as such, has more people coming to change out the batteries. That's just the way the world works. You either pony up and pay, look for a cheaper option, do it yourself or move on.

    FYI: Replacing the battery is really easy on the Classic. The back is just clipped in place, the guts are right there for removal.

    05-19-17 03:54 PM
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    You'd have to be completely ******** to pay that. Order a battery on ebay or Aliexpress and do it yourself. Just yesterday I replaced the battery and keyboard on my Passport. Couldn't have been easier.

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    05-19-17 04:15 PM

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