1. 1TIME's Avatar
    What do you guys think the odds are of a more beefed up version of the Classic being released in the future? Something with

    -Increased processor
    - Increased RAM
    - Improved camera

    I haven't been following the blackberry stock price and earnings but is there any chance they will continue to build hand sets or is the classic there last attempt before they switch over to being a software/security company? All opinions are welcome.
    01-04-15 05:45 PM
  2. DYLANHABKIRK's Avatar
    "The BlackBerry Classic will not be the only 'Classic' style device" - can't remember who exactly, but it was an upper product developer who stated that on the record.

    In addition, Chen did mention a Classic V2 and Passport V2. Passport V2 has been in development for a bit now, haven't heard much about Classic 2 just yet.

    I'm sure more details will be out soon enough.

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    01-04-15 05:50 PM
  3. Christian Brunette's Avatar
    If I was to put it into perspective about product release on the next gen classic I would attempt at a October announcement and a December release just as the last one did, I'm sure it will get the passport specs of today and the passport will im sure get the next lineup of upper performance that's my guess. Just don't expect hardcore gamers type super phones from blackberry, that is not what they are about. It's built for Wall Street types. And while on the subway home can play a little solitaire. But more power faster production, and massive multitasking power is needed.
    01-04-15 05:59 PM
  4. VeryBumpy's Avatar
    Will be at least a year or more IMO. All new glass device next, then Passport 2 with Classic 2 bit later. So it will be a while.
    01-04-15 06:07 PM
  5. danfrancisco's Avatar
    That would be great if they did! It would be like when BlackBerry released the Bold 9780 with beefier specs as an upgrade to the Bold 9700. A Classic with Passport guts would be the ultimate powerhouse productivity device!

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    01-04-15 06:22 PM
  6. azum4u's Avatar
    What would be great is to have the Classic in a Porsche Design. That will be a killer if it comes with better upgraded specs to go. I really hope Blackberry does.
    01-04-15 10:57 PM

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