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    Previously I switched from a IPhone 5 to a Q10, and recently preordered the Note 4 which I thought I would love back to the Q10 until my Classic arrives.

    I must say the Note 4 screen was awesome and the Battery life was amazing. The battery would literally last me the entire day. Especially the most crucial 30% left life seems to last forever if not used heavily and will last hours. For example I could fall asleep with 90% battery and forget to charge it and i would wake up to like 85% or i could have 40% and put it on the charger while i take a shower and get ready when im done its at around 85% the phone charges amazingly quick. It is the perfect phone for someone on the go with a quick charge thatll last all day.

    That being said I still did not LOVE the phone. I had a thin case and although i loved the screen size it was hard to type with one hand and what im guilty of on the go typing while driving or at the light. The fingerprint scanner sucked so if i had to get a text off real quick at a light on the go for example the light was almost green before I could even get into the phone lol. It was a beautiful device but for me as a realtor functionality is key.

    I also did not love the Q10. The battery life was a huge improvement coming from an Iphone 5. But it got worse over time. Storage was an issue, the phone would reset as I put it down and it would lag with everything and still does. And I really missed the toolbelt. I love both BB OS an 10 for their different features. BB OS has way too many glitches and BB 10 does seem like it will be amazing with a toolbelt.

    The BB Classic is the phone I have been waiting for for years or as close to exactly what I want Blackberry can make. I can see the Classic with BB10 in combination with the toolbelt being the absolutely most productive phone for me. I do not use any apps. The only app I actually use is Instagram which on the q10 I downloaded Igrann. Igrann is not as good as the actual app but it works. I need a powerhouse, i make tons of calls, emails and texts and I look forward to getting my Classic!

    I would have loved to see this phone a little bit cheaper for what it is, a phone built for legacy users or keep this one as an entry level BB Classic type phone and produce a high end BOLD again. I feel Blackberry does not need to have the highest specs to keep us happy! This is a simple phone. But give us an amazing screen, huge battery, beats quality speakers. I would have made the bezels alot thinner and given us more screen making it more contemporary. Make this a true phone of the ages with the old features we love.
    12-02-14 03:17 PM
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    Oh, the phone restarting issue, fold a small piece of paper (I have a folded sticky note) or a thin business card and put it under the battery door over the battery (make sure not to cover the nfc contacts). That will solve that issue. The battery is jolting a bit and losing contact...

    ?Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10
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    12-02-14 05:12 PM
  3. Blackberry Q10's Avatar
    when i updated the phone the last time it helps it rarely happens now so not really an issue until the 17th will wait it out lol
    12-02-14 05:22 PM
  4. CRIISPP's Avatar
    thanks! I folded a 5 dollar bill and put it under the battery, no more loose battery when shaken and no longer turns off when u put it on the table.
    12-04-14 11:42 AM
  5. Alain_A's Avatar
    What your phone is worth $5.00!

    Posted via CB10
    12-04-14 10:11 PM
  6. Lefty724's Avatar
    He's a baller. I'd put a $1 bill if I had that problem.

    $5 is enough for a couple of beers!
    12-04-14 10:24 PM
  7. CRIISPP's Avatar
    Im from Canada, smallest bill is $5
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    12-04-14 10:31 PM

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