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    This is related to my previous post on transferring videos to my PC. Been trying for 3 hours now. I NEED to get this video that is too large to email from my phone to my PC. But as usual when I hook the phone to the PC via the branded USB cable that it came with (and two other cables from previous OS10 devices) it doesn't show up in the Link list, nor as a mass storage device - I wouldn't care either way.
    This is common for both my current classic and my last two Q10s. What does one have to do to hook their phone to their Win7 PC?
    Normally I have to back up the phone via wifi- but now that doesn't even work (it could be that the wifi I am currently on is a public network so that may be the wifi security kicking in) but the USB is pretty private.
    07-16-16 01:00 AM
  2. blackshark's Avatar
    Solution: see my reply in previous post: "Classic not detected when plugged into computer?"
    07-16-16 02:08 AM

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