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    People are automatons operating with programming instruction sets that have them following everybody else. The software I'm referring to is called "iSheople" and nobody really knows it is installed inside their brains, so they blindly follow the preprogrammed "iSheople" instructions and absolutely cannot and will not have any ability to think for themselves whatsoever.

    I was picking up a screen protector from my favorite carrier store and there was a female employee working that I had not met yet. While I was chatting with the other employee, in walked a baby boomer with a 9900 looking to upgrade. Well, he left angry because this female employee said, "BlackBerry is its own thing and we cannot transfer any of your BlackBerry information to a new phone..." because they use "Cellibrite" for data transfer between devices. "Cellibrite" almost refuses to support BlackBerry because BlackBerry is too secure and the "Cellibrite" machines cannot access the data without some kind of extra software these retail stores do not bother to install. I didn't want to chime in and interrupt her, but she was absolutely clueless and should have been aware of the different ways data can be transferred between devices. She also should have first offered him a BlackBerry upgrade, not iPhone. Anyway, the guy left angry stating, "every other place I have been to over the years has always been able to transfer my data to my new phones... until right now..."

    Then I finally mentioned to use NFC to transfer data between almost every single type of phone available. Well, except the iphone because of apples insane "walled garden" approach to their lame platform. NFC is locked down on iphones, relegated to Apple pay and some other little applish ways to separate consumers from their money, but it is certainly not open for other data.

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